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This Business of Songwriting
By Jason Blume

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This Business of Songwriting

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This Business of Songwriting
A Practical Guide to Doing Business as a Songwriter
By Jason Blume
Billboard Books, (2006)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 0823077594
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Herbert White - June 9, 2006

This Business of Songwriting is a concise, yet comprehensive guide to the business aspects of songwriting from how to pitch a song to understanding performance royalties. It is not a book on how to write songs. This guide was written by Jason Blume, who has written several well-received books on the business side of songwriting, as well as books on how to write songs. He is, in his own right, a skilled songwriter and teacher and his songs have been recorded by such famous personages as Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, John Berry, Steve Azar, and the Oak Ridge Boys.

If you are involved, or interested, in any aspect of the songwriting business, this is the book for you. Although geared specifically for songwriters, both novices and professionals, this book will also prove invaluable to all members of the music industry as it examines not only the business aspects of songwriting, but it also explains how the music industry functions.

Encyclopedic in scope, this text is divided into four mains sections: In all, this book is basically a self-contained course on the business aspect of songwriting. If you are serious about making it as a songwriter, this book is essential reading. It will not only help you to prepare for the hard task of marketing your work, but it also offers a plethora of tips and practical advice that will help you get into and succeed in the cut throat music world. As important, this book is current and up-to-date and provides information in regard to reading and interpreting contracts and offers valuable tips on what to look out for before signing any contract. Throughout, Blume's writing is succinct and to the point. He provides detailed explanations when necessary, and samples of documents that you are likely to come across in your songwriting career such as a sample Vocalist Waiver.

Without reserve, I highly recommend this book to anyone seriously interested in pursuing a career in songwriting, as well as to those who already have their foot in the door but who will be well served by having a better grasp of the business end of the industry.

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