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On Writing Romance
By Leigh Michaels

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On Writing Romance

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On Writing Romance
How to Craft a Novel that Sells
By Leigh Michaels
Writer's Digest Books, (2007)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN 10: 1-58297-436-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-58297-436-1
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - April 9, 2007

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing a romantic novel, or have you already written one and need just a little help smoothing out the rough edges on your manuscript and marketing your book? If so, look no further than Leigh Michaels' book On Writing Romance: How to Craft a Novel that Sells. Michaels is a prolific writer who has had more than eighty romance novels published, in addition to many nonfiction books. She also teaches romance writing via a variety of forums.

On Writing Romance serves as a basic guide to the fundamentals of romance writing. Michaels effortlessly guides you through the ins and outs of the romance world from describing exactly what a romance novel is, and the varied forms it can take from Chick-lit novels to Time-travel romances and some categories you might never have heard of! Michaels also offers practical how-to advice that covers all the essentials from researching your book to marketing your finished novels. In-between, Michaels provides the reader with an excellent, short-course on the mechanics of writing a romance, including how to start your story, how to create sexual tension between your characters, writing dialogue, fine-tuning your plot line, and other necessary skills. This book also includes number of useful appendices that include sample query letters, a sample synopsis, and a sample cover letter. Also, included is a list of website addresses for a selection of romance publishers.

Primarily geared toward novice romance writers, On Writing Romance is essential reading for anyone interested in writing a romance novel. Michaels advice is practical and easy to understand. It will provide you with a solid foundation from which to improve your writing skills and to advance your writing career. While primarily for novices, even more advanced romance writers will find useful information in this book, information that has been garnered from the writer's personal experiences in the writing industry and her years as a writing teacher. I highly recommend On Writing Romance.

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