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Split Second
By David Baldacci
Read by Scott Brick

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Split Second

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Split Second
By David Baldacci
Read by Scott Brick
Hachette Audio, (2007)
An Unabridged Recording on 10 CDs
ISBN 10: 1-60024-134-4
ISBN 13: 978-1-60024-134-5
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Angela Evans - October 16, 2007

Split Second is an action packed thriller from the pen of David Baldacci. In this story, the life of Secret Service agent Michelle Maxwell is changed in a split second. Letting her heart overcome her professionalism, she allowed one of her charges, a presidential candidate, out her sight so that he could console a newly made widow. In a blink of an eye he vanished - and so did her career.

Eight years previously, the same thing had happened to another secret service agent, Sean King. Like Maxwell, he had been guarding a presidential candidate. In his case, his charge was murdered when King took his eyes off of him for a split second. Joined by common mistakes, Maxwell and King soon find themselves joined by an even more deadly bond - murder. Interested in King's case, Maxwell has been studying him, and comes to think that he was unfairly condemned for his losing his charge. When a horrific murder occurs, with a large body count, King, who is now a lawyer, starts out as a witness, but quickly falls under suspicion as the murderer. Maxwell steps when it becomes clear that the murders King witnessed are connected to the disappearance of her missing candidate. Joining forces, Maxwell and King soon find themselves trapped in a macabre maze filled with deadly secrets that could destroy them both.

In this book, Baldacci has crafted a complex and action packed mystery full of enough twists and turns to hold your interest. Like all his books, Baldacci's writing is crisp and effortless to read or listen to, and it will not tax your brain. Making it an ideal book to listen to when you are doing something else like driving or cleaning. This unabridged audio edition of Split Second is read by one of my favorite readers, Scott Brick, who also read The Lion's Game by Nelson De Mille, The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer, and The Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

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