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Novel & Short Story Writer's Market
Edited by Lauren Mosko

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Novel & Short Story Writer's Market

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Novel & Short Story Writer's Market
More than 1,300 Market Listings
Edited by Lauren Mosko
Writer's Digest Books, (2006)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1582974306
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - October 13, 2006

At some time in your writing career you've probably used the Writer's Market, an encyclopedic omnibus filled with market listings for fiction and nonfiction markets, including literary, trade, and consumer magazines. While an excellent resource for writer's at all stages of their career, it can be a daunting book to use for novel and short story writers as you need to wade through buckets of extraneous information just to find markets that accept works of fiction. For those faced with this dilemma - you can find relief in the 2007 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, edited by Lauren Mosko.

This handy volume has been completely revised and updated and contains more than 1,300 market listings that accept fiction submissions. These market listing not only provided information about the type of market and its audience, but the listings also include additional information such as what types of material they are seeking, what they pay, how to submit your story or novel. Many of the listings also include tips on how to successfully approach a given market, from the market's own editor!

In addition to the market listings, this reference guide also includes an assortment of articles on fiction writing, publishing, and the writer's life. Genre specific articles for mystery, romance, science fiction & fantasy, and graphic novel & comic writers are also included. In addition, genre specific resources, for the above categories are also included. A general resource section dealing with such items as publishers and their imprints, production terms, and a genre glossary round out this text.

By far, however, the main focus of this book is the fiction-specific market listings. You'll find market listings for literary magazines, small circulation magazines, online markets, and consumer magazines. You'll also find market listings for book publishers as well as listings for literary agents, contests & awards, and conferences & workshops.

The 2007 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market is a must-have reference book for any writer serious about trying to have their fiction published. Most important, as you browse through this book, not only will you find invaluable information about markets that you are already familiar with, but you'll also discover a wealth of new markets, one of which might just be the perfect match for your story. Good luck!

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