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Pitching Hollywood
By Jonathan Koch and Robert Kosberg, with Tanya Meurer Norman

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Pitching Hollywood

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Pitching Hollywood
How to Sell Your TV and Movie Ideas
By Jonathan Koch and Robert Kosberg, with Tanya Meurer Norman
Quill Driver Books, (2004)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1884956319
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - December 26, 2007

So you want to write for Hollywood? Got a great idea for a movie or a tv series? If so, you'll want to read Pitching Hollywood: How to Sell Your TV and Movie Ideas. Written by Jonathan Koch and Robert Kosberg, two successful producers, along with the aid of Tanya Meurer Norman, this book provides keen insights into how Hollywood works. Most important, it walks you through the process of developing, protecting, and pitching your movie or television concept to a producer - even if you haven't written the treatment or script yet. Samples of high concepts, synopses, treatments, and pitches are also included.

Written in an open and friendly style, the advice proffered by the writers is easy to understand. Some of the lessons you will learn in this book include how to tell when you have a great idea, how to craft a pitch, who you should pitch to and how to contact them, how to write a treatment, and the difference between pitching a movie and a TV show. Most important, both Koch and Kosberg are real-life, successful, Hollywood pitchmen, so they have the authority and credits to back up their advice. Throughout the book you'll find not only straight narrative sections, but also at times, the book splits, with Koch and Kosberg each providing their own unique insights and advice on various subjects. The text also includes a handy glossary of terms, and major concepts are highlighted in bold with the underlying concepts highlights by bullet points. Combined, the layout and writing style ensures that you will readily assimilate the invaluable information contained in this book.

This is the essential primer on pitching an idea to Hollywood - no matter where you live. Pitching Hollywood is jammed-packed with information, without being overwhelming, and it breaks down the entire 'pitch' process into manageable steps. If you already have an idea, or are simply looking to expand into a new market, Pitching Hollywood will get you started on the right foot, and give you the confidence you need to pitch your idea!

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