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Freelancing for Newspapers
By Sue Fagalde Lick

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Freelancing for Newspapers

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Freelancing for Newspapers
Writing for an Overlooked Market
By Sue Fagalde Lick
Quill Driver Books, (2007)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN: 1884956688
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - August 14, 2007

Freelancing for Newspapers: Writing for an Overlooked Market, by Sue Fagalde Lick is, as the title suggests, a book about becoming a freelance writer for one, or in most cases, numerous, newspapers. Designed for both novices, and seasoned writers looking to for new markets, this book clearly explains the various opportunities for freelances that exist in the newspaper market. She also clearly spells out how to tap into this often ignored market, not only make some money, but also to build name recognition for yourself and to build a stockily collection of clips!

The boundless opportunities in the newspaper field run the gamut from writing reviews, columns, and op-ed pieces to writing feature, travel, gardening, and how-to articles. In this book, Lick succinctly offers advice on how to develop marketable ideas, and how to pitch them to newspaper editors. She also discusses the mechanics of submitting your pieces, receiving payment, and how to syndicate your articles to earn even more. She offers tips on researching your articles, developing interviewing skills, and organizing and rewriting your articles. Most important, from a freelance perspective, Lick offers advice on how to get more assignments, and how to get paid more to write them! She also fully addresses the business side of the business, and has included a handy submission tracking form and a brief overview of the various rights that an author can assign to their piece when they sell it.

Freelancing for Newspapers is an edifying book to read, and it will open up a world of possibilities to any writer. Best of all, freelancing is an occupation that you can start in your 'free' time while you hold down a steady job, at least until such time as you begin to earn enough money to make writing your full-time career. Throughout, Lick's advice is sound and she provides the needed information for professional writers to expand into the newspaper market and she provides even neophytes writers with a solid foundation from which to begin freelancing for newspapers.

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