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Writer's Digest Writing Kit
By the editors of Writer's Digest Books

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Writer's Digest Writing Kit

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Writer's Digest Writing Kit
Everything You Need to Get Creative, Start Writing, and Get Published
By the Editors of Writer's Digest Books
Writer's Digest Books, (2007)
Standard Print Edition
ISBN 10: 1-58297-442-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-58297-442-2
Genre: Writing & Publishing

Reviewed by Herbert White - October 12, 2007

The Writer's Digest Writing Kit is a collection of two books and two decks of cards that are designed to help you get your creative juices flowing and to help you to start writing and put you on the path to becoming a published author.

Mini Market Book
The first book in this kit is The Mini Market Book, by the Editors of Writer's Digest Books that list 125 markets that publish quality work by new writers. The market listings in this book are organized into five categories: Novel & Short story markets, Personal Essay Markets, Magazine Article Markets, Children's Markets, and Poetry Markets. This handy little book also includes a selection of helpful appendices, including descriptions of fiction genres, word-count guidelines, a glossary of listing terms, formatting guidelines, and more.

70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes
The second book in this kit is an indispensable guide by Bob Mayer, called 70 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes. Within the pages of this book, Mayer offers practical advice that will keep you from making mistakes that will mark you as an amateur and jeopardize your chances of getting your stories published. For each mistake, Mayer not only explains why an item is a mistake, but more important, how to correct it. His solutions are organized into eight handy sections covering: Habits, The Idea, The Story/Plot, Scene & Structure, Characters, Editing & Rewriting, Selling Your Work, and The Publishing Business. This thematic organization makes it easy for you to find helpful advice if you have a specific problem area that you need help with. This is also a book that you can read straight through, or skip around, discovering new tidbits of information that you may not have even considered as a possible problem.

The Cards
There are two decks of cards in this kit, each of which has thirty cards in it. One deck consists of writing prompts that will help you get your creative juices flowing, and the other deck has a variety of writing exercises that will also help to spur your creative endeavors while also giving you the opportunity to improve your writing skills.

The entire kit comes in a sturdy, cigar-sized box, with an over-flap that contains a hidden magnet that secures the box when it is closed. The box can be used to store the contents of the kit, or for just about anything else from pencils to rejection slips. The Writer's Digest Writing Kit is a fun and practical means of starting your writing career and it is suitable for fledgling writers of all ages. Best of all, it will make a perfect gift for yourself or the writer in your life, making it an ideal gift for holidays, birthdays, or just because days.

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