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By Scott Turow

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By Scott Turow
Read by Edward Herrmann and Featuring Orlgh Cassidy
Hachette Audio, (2012)
An Unabridged Recording on 12 CDs
ISBN: 978-1-61113-694-4
Genre: Legal Thriller

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Reviewed by Angela Evans - April 5, 2012

Innocent is the exciting sequel to Scott Turow's best-selling book, Presumed Innocent. Please note that this review might contain spoilers to parts of Presumed Innocent.

Innocent takes place a bit more than twenty-years after the devastating murder trial took place in Presumed Innocent. Once again Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto find themselves at odds. Rusty still wants his revenge on Tommy, and Tommy is still as intent as ever at seeing Rusty destroyed.

In this story, we meet Rusty as an older man. He's now in his sixties and working as a Chief Judge of an Appellate Court. Once again, the woman in his life turns up dead. In this case, it is his wife, Barbara, and her death appears to be anything but accidental. Once again, Tommy points the finger at Rusty and accuses him of murder, setting the foundation for a sensational murder trial that forces these two rivals to relive past events while each struggles to come out as the victor in this legalized gladiatorial match. Until almost the very last moment, Turow will keep you guessing about who really killed Barbara - and what lies at the heart of the conflict between Rusty and Tommy.

Innocent is an excellent sequel to Presumed Innocent, it captures the feel and tension of the first novel and delivers and equally riveting courtroom drama. However, while Presumed Innocent was Turow's first novel, Innocent is his latest - with at least six best-selling novels between the two volumes. From the onset, Turow proved that he was an excellent and skilled writer. However, if you read or listen to both books in sequence, you will discover that over the years, Turow has matured as a writer, developing from an excellent, technical writer to becoming an outstanding literary writer. It is a real pleasure to explore both of these legal thrillers, back-to-back.

In conjunction with the release of this audio edition of Innocent, the first volume in this series, Presumed Innocent has also been released in audio. This edition of Innocent is expertly read by the award-winning actor, Edward Herrmann along with the equally skilled actress, Orlgh Cassidy.

Innocent is a must read/listen to for all Turow fans, as well as for anyone who enjoys well written and suspenseful legal thrillers.

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