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Carson SuperBrite

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Carson SuperBrite

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Carson SuperBrite
An Ultra-Bright LED Booklight
Model Number: SB-88
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - March 2, 2009

The Carson SuperBrite is a nifty, adjustable book light with a super bright LED lamp featuring twin bulbs. This booklight is powered by 3-AAA batteries. Batteries are not included with the light. In addition, the SuperBrite folds, making it very convenient for slipping into your pocket or briefcase and taking it with you when you travel, at work, or at school. Closed, the SuperBrite is very compact, not much bigger than a credit card and only about 3/4 inch thick.

A word of warning, when you first get your SuperBrite, it will be folded shut, with the lamp head and arm recessed into the battery case. There is a very small slide button on the side of the battery case, just to the right of the lamp head. This is the release switch for the lamp arm, and activating it will cause the lamp head to pop up slightly making it easier to grab and pull out. Not having the best eyes in the world, I had trouble locating the button at first. Therefore, if you have low vision, you might want to have a magnifier or sighted help on hand the first time you try using the SuperBrite. Once you know where the button is, you'll have no trouble locating it on your own.

That out of the way, the first thing you'll want to do is install the batteries, and then raise the lamp arm. On the side of the battery case where the lamp arm 'sleeps' is a large, built in clip that you can use to attach the light to pretty much any book or magazine. When you raise the lamp arm, you will be rotating it around to the opposite side of the case (you cannot over rotate it). Once the light arm is rotated into place, you'll find the clip is now on the bottom of the case and you can clip the booklight onto your reading material. In this position, it can also be used as a small desk lamp by simply placing it on a flat surface. To turn on the LED light, slide your hand to the left of the lamp arm, on the side edge you will feel a rough surfaced slide switch, this is the on-and-off button for the light. (This switch is larger and much easier to feel and see than the arm release switch.) To turn it on, simply slide the button to the right, and then left to turn it off. Don't stare at the light the first time you turn it on, as this book light has a very bright light. There are two tiny light bulbs in the lamp, and they are much brighter than their size would give you leave to imagine! The light produced by this booklight has a slight blue cast, making for glare-free illumination.

In addition to being lightweight and sporting a wonderfully bright LED lamp, the lamp head also swivels in several directions. In addition, the lamp's arm also telescopes upward (just pull on the top of the arm, and anther arm section will telescope out and up.) The arm can also be moved back and forth to a degree. This flexibility and the range of motion makes this booklight extremely practical to use in a variety of situations, and it enables the SuperBrite to be used even with very thick books!

Overall, I think that the Carson SuperBrite is a great booklight. The lamp is brighter than most booklights, and the ability of the head to swivel and the flexibility of the arm makes it easy to adjust for a variety of sized reading materials, and conditions. The book is suitable not only for reading in bed or at your desk, but its compact size and light weight, makes it a perfect travel companion for both long and short trips. I also really liked the fact that it can stand up on its own, allowing you to use it as a small desk lamp or for illuminating a small area when you don't want to disturb anyone else, and in a pinch it can be used as emergency flashlight. As well, its extra bright light will be of particular interest to those with low vision who require a brighter than normal light source with which to read.

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