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Tales Well Calculated to Keep You In SUSPENSE, Vol. 2

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Tales Well Calculated to Keep You In SUSPENSE, Vol. 2

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Tales Well Calculated to Keep You In SUSPENSE, Vol. 2
Radio Spirits, Inc.
60 radio programs on 20 Audio Cassettes
Genre: Suspense - Mystery, Thriller

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - August 31, 2001

According to the Oxford Large Print Dictionary, suspense is defined at "a state of anxious uncertainty while awaiting news or an event..." This audio collection of old-time radio shows consists of an outstanding anthology of Tales Well Calculated to Keep You In SUSPENSE!

Suspense, Columbia Broadcasting's (CBS), hugely popular radio series that aired between 1942 - 1962 and consisted of almost 950 shows. With such a huge volume of exceptional shows to choose from, it is no wonder that Radio Spirts has issued a second volume of stories from the Suspense series. As with the first volume of this outstanding two-part collection, all the stories contained in this volume represent some of the best shows from "Radio's outstanding theater of thrills."

Volume two in Radio Spirits' Suspense series includes stories that cover a variety of themes including fear, hijacking, prisoners on the loose, insurance fraud, mistaken identity, blackmail, and other assorted evils. However, most of the stories in this collection primarily center around a single theme - murder - or at least being suspected of, or suspecting someone else, of murder!

A sampling of titles includes: By modern standards, some of these stores may seem a bit tame. Nonetheless, these dramas will keep you glued to your virtual audio time-machine (a.k.a., your cassette player). Without exception, all of the Suspense radio shows were phenomenally well acted. In addition, the stories are so well written that with their very first airing it was obvious that they were destined to become classics - which they did.

Suspense was so highly thought of, that it was able to pull in some of the best actors around. Some of the stars of stage and screen that graced the radio stage of Suspense included, Leslie Woods, Charles Laughton, Ona Munson, Orson Welles, Peter Lorre, Richard Conte, Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead, Olivia de Havilland, Lucille Ball, Vincent Price, Roddy McDowell, Henry Morgan, Cornel Wilde, Joseph Kearns, Vic Perrin, Frank Lovejoy, and Jack Kelly.

An interesting highlight to this collection is that, just as in volume one, many of the stories in volume two also include the sponsor's ads that aired along with the stories. These 'antique' ads, such as the ones for Roma Wines and Auto Lite Spark Plugs, which are included in these recordings, are tiny bits of nostalgia that help transport you back to a bygone day when radio "was" the ultimate in modern entertainment of millions of listeners. The only real difference in listening to these recordings, versus the 'real thing' is the sound quality. In most cases, the sound quality of these audio recordings is much better than most could have hope to ever pick up on their own radios.

This collection comes in a collector's album that comes imprinted with a list of the shows contained in the volume, along with air date, major stars, and a brief synopsis of each show.

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