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Acu Rite In/Out Digital Thermometer

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Acu Rite In/Out Digital Thermometer
Model # 00888W
From the Chaney Instrument Company

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

For those with low vision, finding an indoor - outdoor thermometer that is easy to read can be difficult. Many in/out thermometers display so many readings at once that, out of necessity, the readouts are very small. I recently came across one thermometer, however, that should suit the needs of those simply looking for a larger than normal readout and who do not need a high contrast display. The thermometer in questions is the Acu Rite In/Out Digital Thermometer, Model # 00888W.

The Acu-Rite Digital Thermometer is a small, palm sized thermometer that measures both indoor and outdoor temperatures. The main unit sits inside your house, and attached to it is a 10-foot weather-proof wire with a sensor attached to the end. To measure the outdoor temperature you need to feed the wire out of a window, door, or other opening and the sensor on the end of the wire will measure the outdoor temperature.

In addition to reading the indoor and outdoor temperatures, this thermometer also has a memory function that will present of readout of the high and low temperature, both indoors and out. You can easily erase the high and low readings, this is especially helpful if you like to keep track of these readings on a daily basis. This thermometer has a larger than normal LCD display for this type of thermometer, and as a consequence only one temperature reading is displayed at one time. To toggle between the indoor and outdoor readings there is a textured slide button on the right-hand side of the unit. Slide it up, and the indoor temperature is displayed. Slide it down, and the outdoor temperature reading will appear. Once set to either indoor or outdoor, you can check the minimum and maximum temperatures by simply tapping a one the three large buttons that are aligned beneath the LCD. From left to right, the three buttons are the clear button, the minimum/maximum button, and the light button.

The nicest feature about this thermometer is that is has a very large digital readout. The numbers in the readout are about 3/4 inches tall. While the numbers are black, they are displayed on a dark, grayish background that does not provide a lot of contrast. This is counterbalanced by the fact that this thermometer also has a light that turns on with the push of a button and turns off automatically after a few seconds. This light is bright and gives a green cast to the LCD background, making the readout much easier to read.

The Acu-Rite Digital Thermometer is an attractive unit that comes in a dark silver finish. It can sit on a shelf or counter top, or you can mount it to a wall or other hard surface. Due to the necessity of having to string the senor wire outside, it is probably best to set up the thermometer near a window, but out of direct sunlight. You can set this thermometer to display the temperature's readings in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales, and it reads temperature from -58 to 158 Fahrenheit. This range should be more than sufficient to meet the needs of most householders! In addition, the larger than normal readout, and the display light, makes this a good option for individuals with moderate low vision, as well as for those who want a thermometer that is easy to read.

This review was originally published - August 25, 2004

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