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The First 48
By Tim Green

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The First 48

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The First 48
By Tim Green
Read by Stephen Lang
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2004)
An abridged recording on 5 CDs
ISBN: 1-58621-700-3
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Anne Marie Vaughn - December 20, 2004

Tom Redmon, a former public prosecutor, is a down and almost out attorney taking on social issue non-winnable cases against the establishment. He prefers living in his just about constant alcoholic haze, for it is then that his deceased wife comes to talk with him. Or he did until he received a late night phone call with no one on the other end of the line.

Jane Redmon is Tom's only child. Jane is a fearless Washington Post investigative reporter hoping to write the next Pulitzer Prize winning expose on corruption involving a powerful senator. She's been getting help from an unnamed source with magnetic baby blue eyes. Jane has no idea how her source is connected to the Senator or anything else about him, but is determined to find out. As she digs into the story she learns that the senator she is investigating is the same man responsible for ruining her father's career as a prosecutor twenty years ago.

When Tom Redmon received that empty phone call, he knew it was from Jane. When he could not contact Jane at her apartment or at her job, Tom knew she was in trouble. So Tom and his one and only friend, 300 pound computer whiz and reformed motorcycle gang member Mike Tubbs, set out to find her. Tom, knowing that after the first 48 hours a person is missing, he usually disappears forever, sets his watch for a countdown from the time he received the phone call. Despite the urgency, Tom and Mike face obstacles at every turn. The police refuse to help with the investigation because they do not consider Jane a missing person. Jane's editors refuse to give Tom and Mike access to Jane's desk and computer. Eventually, Tom learns that his old nemesis is involved in his daughter's disappearance and he and Mike kidnap the senator to convince him to tell them where Jane is being held.

Meantime, Jane is fighting to stay alive. She's been kidnapped, escaped and was about to be caught again when her "source" shows up to rescue her from the Senator's minions. However, he appears to have his own agenda and is not setting her free.

The plot is tricky and has a few curve balls thrown into the mix. You are almost to the end of the story before you completely figure it out.

Mr. Lang reads with energy and at just the right pace. You'll be asking yourself how much time is left of the first 48. He gets you excited when the story is tense and slows you down for the tender moments. This one should go on your list of must read books.

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