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Thor's Wedding Day
By Bruce Coville
Read by Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast Family

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Thor's Wedding Day

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Thor's Wedding Day
By Thialfi, the Goat Boy
Retold by Bruce Coville
Read by Ryan Sparkes and the Full Cast Family
Full Cast Audio, (2006)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 3 CDs.
ISBN: 1-933322-44-6
Genre: Children's Fiction

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - April 14, 2006

Based upon an old Norse poem, called the Thrymskvitha, Thor's Wedding Day is a charming children's story that will enthrall listeners of all ages. The story is purportedly told by Thialfi, Thor's Goatboy. When Thialfi mistakenly lets a shape-shifter steal Mjollnir, Thor's magical hammer, he knows what he must do, tell Thor and help him get it back, and quickly. The thief stole the hammer at the behest of the giant Thrym. Without Mjollnir, Thor will be defenseless against the giants, who were constantly besieging Asgard. As this clever story unfolds, Thialfi, his talking goats, Thor, and Loki, to name a few of the many helpers in this story, are faced with a series of funny misadventures as they race through this mythical world filled with magic, legendary beasties, and deities beset with all to human foibles. To get his hammer back, Thor is willing to do whatever it takes...

As the story unfolds, the mischievous god Loki is sent as an emissary to Thrym to try to get Mjollnir back. Loki and Thrym work out a deal, Thrym will give the hammer back, but only if he is allowed to marry the Norse goddess, Freya. For her part, Freya is not the least bit interested in marrying a giant. So to save Freya and to get his hammer back, Thor agrees to the bargain. However, it is Thor who dresses up as the bride and presents himself as Thrym's bride to be - with hilarious results!

Thrymskvitha is one of the Eddaic poems and it has long held a honored place in Icelandic literature. Bruce Coville's retelling of this tale is lively, humorous, and entertaining. Best of all, this Full Cast Audio production of the story features a full cast of actors, music, and sound effects that bring this story to life. Just close your eyes, sit back, and you will be transported to a Broadway theatre where you will listen to a seemingly live performance of this tale. The story is narrated by Thialfi, who is played by Ryan Sparkes, and it features, among other notables, Graydon Brown as Loki, Tim Fox as Thor, and Richard McKee as Odin.

Thor's Wedding Day is solid, family-friendly entertainment that is dynamic, humorous, and it will have you heartedly rooting for Thialfi and his talking-goats as they help Thor get his hammer back!

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