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That Cat Can't Stay
By Thad Krasnesky

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That Cat Can't Stay

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That Cat Can't Stay
By Thad Krasnesky
Illustrated by David Parkins
Flashlight Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-097-997-465-6
Genre: Children's Picture Book, for Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Anna Dogole - April 19, 2010

Dad has a problem. He simply doesn't like cats. But what is he to do when Mom brings home a poor, pitiful stray - throw him out in the rain? Of course not, Dad consents, the cat can stay, but only until the rain goes away. As you might guess, by that time, the cat is part of the family and dad no longer has a say. But what happens when it happens again, and again? Find out in this delightful children's story entitled simply, That Cat Can't Stay.

This book was written by Thad Krasnesky, the author of I Always, Always Get My Way and an ex-combat officer who served in Iraq and who taught at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. As well, it is full of whimsical and colorful illustrations created by David Parkins.

The story is told in a rhyme-like narrative that is great fun to read aloud. It is especially fun, from an adult's perspective, to read the 'Dad' as he tries and tries to keep more cats from taking over his home - he gets terribly upset, but in the end, he's just an old softy and there's never any doubt that Mom and the kids will have their way - and their cats - no matter how much Dad might protest! Not only is this a great book to read aloud to pre-readers, it is a great book for new readers to practice their reading skills.

Although not touted as such, That Cat Can't Stay is technically a large print book. The text is printed in an approximately 18-point font that is ideal for those readers who need large print. For those who may find themselves reading this book to their youngsters after a hard day at work, or perhaps in a dim light, you'll appreciate just how much the larger print size helps minimize any eye strain you might otherwise experience! All in all, That Cat Can't Stay is simply an all-around fun book that will not only delight young and pre-readers, but which is also a book that adults will find a pleasure to read - even when you're on your twentieth read through!

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