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2006 BoldView Two Day Totable Large Print Calendar

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2006 BoldView Two Day Totable Large Print Calendar
From Book Mountain

(Please note: It appears that Book Mountain is no longer in business. If you have any information to the contrary, please let us know. We are sorry for any inconvenience.)

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

The 2006 BoldView Two Day Totable Large Print Calendar is a practical, portable large print calendar and date planner. This unique calendar features bold, black, 3/4 inch large print type for the dates, with holidays listed in a slightly smaller font. The calendar measures approximately 7 by 9 inches and is spiral bound. The book contains 212 pages with each page divided into two blocks. Most pages feature two days per page, while the 'Sunday' page featuring Sunday and a blank block for notes. Also included are three lined pages, one at the front of the book and two at the end, for listing phone numbers and other data.

The pages in this totable calendar are made of extra heavy paper so that the calendar can be used with markers. I tried writing on these pages with both a Sanford 20/20 pen and a Sharpie Marker, and there was no bleed through of the ink, nor any shadows on the reverse page from that on which you have written. The day and blank blocks in the calendar measure about 7 by 4 inches. This means that there is ample room for writing notes or for use as a date planner.

This is the first 'totable' large print calendar that I've come across. While it is larger than most standard print pocket calendars, it will easily fit into most large purses or in your briefcase, or can be carried by hand. In addition the spiral binding allows the book to open flat so that you can also use it as a desk calendar. As well, the binding also allows you to fold the book back upon itself, so that only one page is visible, which makes it convenient to write in while holding the book on your lap or while standing. The only drawback to this otherwise well made and useful product is that the book's cover is not very thick, and it might not hold up as well as the interior pages, which are made with much thicker paper.

The 2006 BoldView Two Day Totable Large Print Calendar is a great new product from Book Mountain that will prove invaluable to individuals with low vision as well as anyone tired of using a weekly planner or pocket calendar that give you barely an inch of space to write in for each day.

This review was originally published - September 21, 2005

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