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Inhumanity Quest
By T. Ray Gordon
Read by Richard Sellers

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Inhumanity Quest
By T. Ray Gordon
Read by Richard Sellers
Abridgement by Richard Sellers
Richard Sellers Productions
Apex Audio Theater: 2005
Genre: Science Fiction

Reviewed by Herbert White - October 28, 2005

First aired on the Mutual Broadcast System (MBS) in 1946, Inhumanity Quest was one of the many science fiction dramas that T. Ray Gordon wrote for radio. Gordon's action-packed story is brought to life by Richard Sellers and a cast of actors in the new edition of this story produced by the Apex Audio Theater.

Featuring a full range of sound effects and music, this energetic story follows the adventures of Chief Michaels, a crew member aboard the Trinity. The Crew of the Trinity has been sent on a quite possibly suicide mission to destroy the home world of the Caden, an alien race that the humans have been fighting against for more than two generations. The doomsday weapon that they are to deploy was created by the psychotic Dr. Klaus. Although dead, a mechanical copy of Klaus was sent along with the crew of the Trinity, tasked with deploying the bomb, when required.

Before the crew can complete their mission, a huge explosion rocks the ship, and the only survivors are Michaels and On, a special ops agent. Trapped on a ship floating dead in space, Michaels and On must struggle to survive, and to complete the mission that is the only hope of saving the human race - or is it? A dark mystery surrounds the ongoing war between the humans and the Caden and it falls upon an unwilling Michaels to uncover the truth.

Running just over an hour, Inhumanity Quest is a classic science fiction drama with a monstrous enemy, a need to destroy them before they destroy the humans, a beautiful women, and an unexpected twist that will change the lives of the main characters, forever. The story is vibrantly performed by a full cast of actors, who are named at the end of the recording, and Richard Sellers serves as the story's narrator. Inhumanity Quest is a must 'hear' for fans of space operas, and it will delight both those who grew up listening to radio dramas, and younger listeners who are just discovering this art form.

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