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Hadassah: One Night With the King
By Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen

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One Night With the King

By Tommy Tenney, with Mark Andrew Olsen
Bethany House - Large Print, (2004)
ISBN: 0-7642-2892-7
Genre: Christian / Historical Fiction

Reviewed by Angela Evans - March 11, 2004

Hadassah: One Night With the King is a thrilling retelling of the bible story of Queen Esther. Written by Tommy Tenney, along with Mark Andrew Olsen, this book starts out in Modern Israel. Hadassah Kesselman is about to be married. Before the ceremony takes place, she discovers that she is the newest in a long line of women who have the right to read a document written by the original Queen Esther. This document chronicles Queen Esther's personal history, the momentous events that led to her becoming Queen of Persia, and how she came to be the savior of the Jewish people. Looking through Hadassah Kesselman's eyes, we get to read this intriguing document as she reads it for herself.

Written from a Christian perspective, this thrilling novel takes you back in time and makes you feel as if you are actually walking the halls of the palace along with the Queen. After reading this book, you'll want to go back and reread the Book of Esther in the Bible as this novel will help you to better understand and appreciate the original biblical tale. If you've never read the Book of Esther you'll want to read it, if for no other reason than to see where Tenney and Olsen deviated from the original story.

Part romance, part mystery, part religious narrative, Hadassah is breathtakingly suspenseful! Esther is a memorable and courageous heroine, and this story is rich in historical detail and spirituality. As this story began, it also ends with the modern day Hadassah, heir to Queen Esther's unique legacy.

Be forewarned. This is a real page turner. Don't start this book unless you have the free time to read it all in one sitting!

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