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Ultimate Table Top Lamp
From Daylight™

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Daylight Ultimate Table Top Magnifying Lamp Ultimate Table Top Lamp
Model #U21037 From Daylight™

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - May 17, 2010

Add the word ultimate to any product, and it automatically has a lot to live up to. Does the Ultimate Table Top Lamp live up to its name? I think it does - it has a contemporary style with a futuristic flare, it provides excellent lighting, and offers a host of features not normally found with your run-of-the-mill table lamp, including a hands-free, rimless magnifier, an adjustable clip to hold notes, papers, and the like, as well as a storage tray with divided compartments that can be used to hold crafting or office supplies - or if you have a sweet tooth - even candy! In addition, the Ultimate Table Top Lamp is available in a satin silver finish, as well as in an antique bronze finish, and floor standing models are also available.

There are several features that make the Ultimate Table Top Lamp not only a unique lamp, but also one that is ideally suited for use by people with low vision, as well as crafter, hobbyist, avid readers, and just about anyone else who needs bright task lighting - and who wants it to come from a stylish source.

The Bulb
The predominate feature of this lamp is its unique full-spectrum, 20w Daylight bulb. This bulb produces a natural light that is akin to natural daylight. It is clear and bright, yet manages to minimize glare while producing the equivalent light of your average 100W bulb. This unique light not only makes colors easier to distinguish, but also has the added benefit of reducing eye strain and improving contrast. The lamp head is attached to an adjustable arm allowing you to position the light in the optimal position for your needs. The lamp comes with a white shade, and the bulb has a twisty appearance that is artistic in its own right.

The Magnifier
Secondly, from a low vision standpoint, the fact that this lamp includes a removable 5 inch, 1.75X magnifier makes this a practical lamp for low vision users while also proving useful to crafters and hobbyist that can benefit from a little extra magnification when working with small or detailed items. The magnifier is a hand-free model that is situated on the end of a foot and a half long, twistable arm that can be positioned in just about any configuration that you can imagine. The arm is long enough that you can even position the lamp over your sewing machine and still pull the magnifier around so that you can position it in front of the needle head - a big plus for low vision sewers and anyone who has ever struggled to thread a sewing machine needle or to keep track of your seam allowance while sewing! The magnifier is rimless and made of plastic, and it provides for crystal clear viewing. A cloth bag is also provided so that you can cover the magnifier when not in use.

The Clip
The Ultimate Table Top Lamp also come with a removable, giant clamp that is attached to a twistable arm, just like the magnifier. This clip is ideal for holding notes, instructions, and other papers that you might want to have easily accessible while working on craft projects or to refer to while reading on pursing countless other activities. The clip is large enough, and strong enough to easily hold a paper back book or large magazine. The magnifier and clip can be easily adjusted so that you can use them in unison, by positioning the magnifier so that you can magnify whatever you have chosen to hold up with the clip.

The Tray
Lastly, this lamp comes with a removable storage tray that sits on top of the base of the lamp. The tray is divided into seven, variable sized compartments, making it useful for organizing and storing a range of items from craft and office supplies to loose change and keys.

The Ultimate Table Top Lamp
Remove the magnifier and clip, and the storage tray if desired, and you have a table top lamp that can be used in the most formal of settings, or reattach the three accessories and you have a beautiful, yet practical, table top task lamp at your disposal. Removing the magnifier and clip takes seconds, you simply pull them up by their arms, and to replace them, simply reinsert their 'arms' into the applicable holes. They are quite sturdily seated in these 'holes' and I did not have any problems with them coming loose during normal use. Removing the tray is a bit more complicated and really unnecessary unless you want to remove it permanently. Have company coming over and want to use the Ultimate Table Top Lamp as an accent piece in your home? Simply remove the magnifier and clip, and fill the tray with wrapped hard candies or other wrapped treat (so that you don't have bother cleaning out the tray later) and in seconds you have a stylish and attractive lamp at the ready that will have everyone asking, "Where did you get it!"

A Word About Lamp Assembly
Some assembly is required to put this lamp together, and while it is not difficult to assemble, some sighted help might be of use if you have low vision. At one point during the assembly process you have to insert one piece into the top of the base, tilt the lamp over and rotate a screw on the bottom. While not hard, the procedure does not leave you any free hands to hold a magnifier that you may need to to see the screw, which is why sighted help, or at least an extra pair of hands might be of use while assembly your new lamp.

In Conclusion
The Ultimate Table Top Lamp will make a great addition to any home. It is as attractive as it is practical and it will benefit a wide range of users, including those with low vision.

Where to Get Your Ultimate Table Top Lamp
The Daylight Ultimate Table Top Lamp, and many other fine lamps and accessories can be purchased directly from the Daylight company via their online store at: To enter the store, go to their website and when their home page loads, simply click on the picture on the left to enter their home store, and if you are looking for products for the work environment, click on the picture on the right.

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