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UltraOptix Sheet Magnifier

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UltraOptix Flexible Sheet Magnifier

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UltraOptix Flexible Sheet Magnifier
Model HL-1WP

UltraOptix, Inc.
East Haven, CT 06512

Reviewed by: Auggie Moore

Like many people with low vision, I have a nice assortment of magnifiers and other aids. When I go shopping I usually carry a little, unobtrusive magnifier that I use to read labels with. Recently, I stumbled across a little specialty shop while on a recent trip. I had not planned to be doing any shopping, and I did not have my magnifier with me, but the shop looked so inviting that it drew me in anyway.

While looking at all the goodies, the observant shopkeeper noticed that I was having trouble reading and suggested that I try a new product that she had recently begun carrying. It was a thin, flexible, plastic sheet magnifier called the UltraOptix Sheet Magnifier (Model HL-1WP). I really was not looking to buy yet another magnifier, but it has turned out to be a worthwhile investment.

This magnifier cost me under three dollars, including the tax! The actual sheet is about 7 X 10 1/2 inches in size, and is about the same thickness as two pieces of paper. You have to hold it four or five inches away from the item you are trying to read. I would not want to use it as a regular magnifier. In part this is because I have trouble holding it at the required height to keep the words in focus, plus it does not provide a very high degree of magnification. Another problem I have with this magnifier is that I see a slight distortion when using it that I do not experience with a glass magnifier. However, for use in emergencies, it is very handy. In fact, I now keep it in the car so that I have it handy when away from home. I also find it very convenient to use when trying to read maps in the car (as I don't drive, I am the designated navigator). Being plastic, I don't have to worry about it breaking if I drop it. As well, being so inexpensive, if I ruin it, it is not a major problem to replace it.

Overall, I think that this is a decent product, if you are only going to use it occasionally. As well, the low-cost makes it useful for use as an emergency magnifier, or if you need to use a magnifier in a situation in which a traditional (i.e., more expensive) magnifier might be damaged.

This review was originally published - May 16, 2001

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