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UltraOptix Bar Magnifier

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UltraOptix Bar Magnifier

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UltraOptix Bar Magnifier
Model BM-65P

UltraOptix, Inc.
East Haven, CT 06512

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

The UltraOptix Model BM-65P bar magnifier has an eight-inch long, by one inch wide, viewing area, plus a small handle. In addition, the bar magnifier also acts as a ruler, with inch markings on one side, and a metric rule on the other side. The magnifier has a flat bottom, and a curved top that allows you to view approximately two lines of text at a time, depending, of course, upon the initial size of the text. For example, the smaller the text, the more lines you can see at one time.

The UltraOptix bar magnifier is made from optical grade acrylic and it is shatterproof. It also magnifies text about 2 - 2 times. To use this magnifier, you lay it straight on the text that you wish to magnify, and then you simply slide it down the text as you are reading.

This magnifier works best when it is used to read material that is flat. For instance, newspapers, magazines or books that can be opened so that they lay flat, and letters are ideal items to use with this magnifier. I found that it is also helpful to lay the item being read on a solid surface so that the page does not buckle as this buckling can cause uneven magnification.

The bar magnifier is designed to be used, by laying it directly on the item being magnified. I found that it does not work well if you try to hold it over the text as it is very difficult to get the text in focus.

I was very impressed with this magnifier. It is easy to use and it provides consistent magnification. Laying on the surface of the text being read, you do not have to fuss with trying to get the text into focus. As well, because you don't have to worry about your hand getting tired if you are going to be reading for a long while.

I especially liked this magnifier for reading the newspaper. I simply folded the paper into a handy size, laid in flat on the table, and slid the magnifier over the text as I read. I did not notice any distortions when using this magnifier, as long as I used in on flat paper. As well, the acrylic used is extremely clear and free of perfections, so much so that it doesn't appear as if your looking through anything when using it.

Overall, this I found this to be an extremely handy product. Not only can it be used as a magnifier, but it also does double duty as a ruler!

This review was originally published - June 11, 2001

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