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UltraOptix Bookmark Magnifier

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UltraOptix Bookmark Magnifier

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UltraOptix Bookmark Magnifier
Model HL-BP

UltraOptix, Inc.
East Haven, CT 06512

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

The UltraOptix Bookmark magnifier is a member of UltraOptix's Handi-Lens line of products. This product line is aptly named, for this bookmark is definitely handy!

This bookmark is actually, a 6.25-inch by 2.25-inch flexible, plastic magnifier designed to be able to magnify the entire width of a normal book's page. It has inch measurements along one edge, and metric measurements along the other. It even comes with a small tassel at the top so that it is easily visible when used as a bookmark. This tassel also helps prevent the bookmark from slipping down, into the book.

This magnifier is extremely thin, and it slips easily between the pages of a book. This is not a magnifier that I would want to use to read an entire book, simply because it does not offer a crystal clear viewing area, as do the UltraOptix's acrylic magnifiers. However, it does serve nicely for reading footnotes, and I found it very practical to use with my cookbooks. It not only marks the page I'm using, but it also lightweight, easy to use, and washable!

This review was originally published - June 11, 2001

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