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UltraOptix Rigid Sheet Magnifier

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UltraOptix Rigid Sheet Magnifier

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UltraOptix Rigid Sheet Magnifier
Model HLP-H

UltraOptix, Inc.
East Haven, CT 06512

Reviewed by Auggie Moore

Because I recently reviewed the UltraOptix flexible sheet magnifier, I was asked to also review their rigid sheet magnifier. Let me start by saying that while I liked both items, I much preferred the rigid sheet magnifier.

The UltraOptix rigid magnifier is basically an 8.25 X 11-inch sheet of hard plastic that has been ground so that it acts as a magnifying lens. Unlike the flexible sheet magnifier which tends to flop around if you don't hold it with both hands, the rigid sheet can be held quite easily with only two fingers. One side of the rigid sheet is very smooth, and the other side is slightly rough from where it was ground. Like the flexible sheet, you can see faint lines where the sheet was ground. However, on the rigid sheet these lines are not as noticeable. This may be because the rigid sheet is slightly thicker, but I'm not sure. Both sheet magnifiers are scratch and break resistance.

I found that it was much easier to get items into focus with the rigid sheet than it was with the flexible sheet. In large part, this is simply because the rigid sheet is much easier to handle. Both sheet magnifiers, however, seem to offer the same degree of magnification. And although it is thicker than the flexible sheet, the rigid sheet is still extremely lightweight. As well, both magnifiers are equally handy for a range of tasks. I have been mainly using the flexible sheet in the car to read maps and similar items. One of the reasons I've been using it in the car is that it was extremely inexpensive, so it would not bother me much if it was damage. The rigid sheet magnifier does cost slightly more than the flexible sheet. However, I feel that it is well worth the few extra dollars, if for no other reason than it is easier to use. Yet it is still so inexpensive that if it were damaged, it would not be a problem to replace it.

Besides using it with maps, the rigid sheet magnifier can be used for just about any thing from reading the newspaper, to looking up something in the telephone book. Overall, I like this product and I have been getting a great deal of use out of it. Personally, I think I still prefer the flexible sheet for use in the car. It fits in nicely in the little compartment on my door where I keep my maps and such. As for the rigid sheet, it slides in very nicely between the books on my bookshelf, and has come in handily when I'm looking something up or do a little quick reading.

This review was originally published - June 11, 2001

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