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UltraOptix 5-inch Round Magnifier

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UltraOptix 5-inch Round Magnifier

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UltraOptix 5-inch Round Magnifier
Model SV-5P

UltraOptix, Inc.
East Haven, CT 06512

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

Handheld magnifiers are often very heavy. The larger magnifiers can be especially unwieldy. Consequently, I was very surprised to discover how light, and easy to handle, the UltraOptix 5-inch round magnifier was.

The model SV-5P UltraOptix magnifier has a five-inch round viewing area, and it has a remarkably well-balanced handled. I have tried many magnifiers that where not well balanced. The result of a hand-held magnifier being unbalanced is that the magnifier's head often has a tendency to dip downwards, and you have to expend a lot of effort holding the magnifier level. I did not have this problem with this UltraOptix magnifier. It naturally stayed level, and the molded plastic handle is very comfortable to hold. The magnifier is made from optical quality acrylic that is very clear. The acrylic is also scratch resistant. Besides the main viewing filed, which has a 2.5X magnifying power, there is also a small (1-inch diameter) 6X powered bifocal magnifier inserted in the bottom portion of the main viewing area.

The large size of this magnifier allows you to scan wide areas, which makes it very functional. As well, the bifocal insert is a handy feature that compliments the main viewing area. The bifocal insert is especially useful for reading small print that is interpose with larger print. For example, when reading a book, you may only need 2.5X magnification, but when it comes to the footnotes, you may need something stronger. In these cases you can use the bifocal insert, rather than having to switch back and forth between two different magnifiers.

When I first started using this magnifier, I found the bifocal a little distracting. However, after a day or so, I did not even notice it, unless I was actually using it. I found this magnifier useful for a variety of tasks, from reading, to hunting around in my junk drawer for a set of keys I had lost. This magnifier is also very reasonably priced. And, being scratch and shatterproof, it should last for years. This makes it an extremely cost efficient product, especially when compared to glass magnifiers that have a gut wrenching habit of shattering when you drop them - something that I have been guilty of far more times than I care to admit :)

This review was originally published - June 11, 2001

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