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Wide Horizons
By Peter Macdonald

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Wide Horizons
By Peter Macdonald
Ulverscroft Large Print, (2002)
ISBN: 0-7089-4747-6
Genre: Fiction - Adventure

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - September 13, 2002

Benjamin (Ben) Hart was just one of the thousands of men and women who served in the British Military in the 1950's. This was a period when the world was, technically, at peace. However reality deferred with the pronouncements of the politicians, and Hart was to find himself in danger more often than not.

This thrilling tale of adventure and daring is set in 1956, against the background of fighting terrorists in Cyprus and the fight over the Suez Canal. Throughout the pages of this book, we follow Ben, a Second Lieutenant in the Parachute Regiment, on his daily routine and we get to witness his transformation from a somewhat naive young boy into a strong, determined man who will find that love, like war, is not all it is cracked up to be. We also vicariously follow Ben as he comes to terms with army life, the loss of friends and colleagues, and the political machinations that epitomized the Cold War Era.

This stimulating tale was written by Peter Macdonald, a thirty-two-year veteran of the British Army. If you've ever read Macdonald's intriguing autobiography, Corners of My Mind, you will have noticed that many of the events and circumstances that Ben Hart faces in Wide Horizons bare some striking similarities to Macdonald's own experiences. This is not surprising as this story is built around real events, many of which Macdonald participated in first hand.

Wide Horizons is an entertaining and informative book. Ben's adventures will interest readers, both young and old, who like old-fashioned adventure tales. There is some adult material and violence included in the book (such as an account of a stripper stripping), however this material is handled so tactfully (i.e., no graphic details) that it is almost "G" rated. This book will also interest readers who would like a glimpse at an aspect of military history that is often overlooked in favor of the 'bigger' battles and wars, yet is nonetheless as important as these more 'popular' engagements.

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