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The Will of The Empress
By Tamora Pierce
Read by Tamora Pierce and the Full Cast Family

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The Will of The Empress

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The Will of The Empress
By Tamora Pierce
Read by Tamora Pierce and the Full Cast Family
Full Cast Audio, (2007)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 14 CDs
ISBN: 978-1-933322-39-1
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Reviewed by Angela Evans - March 26, 2007

>From Tamora Pierce, the author of the much loved Circle of Magic and The Circle Opens series, comes a new story that reunites the heroes of the Circle of Magic fame. This new book, The Will of the Empress has been issued in a marvelous audio edition that is read by a full cast of actors, including Pierce reading the part of the narrator! This audio edition is complete with sound effects and music, and it is like listening to all your favorite characters come to life! If you are not familiar with the earlier series, never fear, as this is a stand-alone book.

In The Will of the Empress, Sandry, Tris, Daja, and Briar have aged. Now older teenagers, they have grown apart, both physically and emotionally, and they are no longer as eager as before to read each others' minds. When Sandry finds that she must return to the Imperial Court to handle some business matters, her uncle wheedles her three friends into joining her on the journey. When they reach the court at Namorn they soon discover that Empress Berenene has a devious plan on hand to keep Sandry, a.k.a. Lady Sandrilene fa Toren, at court - forever, a plan that soon grows to encompass the entire quartet!

To save themselves, the quartet will need to reunite their powers, and use all their magical and personal strengths to vanquish their new foe. In the scope of this story, Sandry faces the prospect of being forced into marriage against her will, and each of her three friends make discoveries of their own, including Daja who finds that she prefers the company of women over men. This is a wonderfully wrought story full of suspense, intrigue, and romance. The plot is complex, and it will delight both young and old listeners.

Fans of this series will be happy to know that Full Cast Audio has also recorded all four books in the Circle of Magic series, which are:
  1. Sandry's Book
  2. Tris's Book
  3. Daja's Book
  4. Briar's Book

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