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The Wiser Side of 60
By Bob August

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The Wiser Side of 60

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The Wiser Side of 60
An Interesting, Humorous and Insightful Look at Growing Older and Becoming Wiser
By Bob August
Moonlight Publishing - Large Print, (2002)
ISBN: 0-9672056-5-4
Genre: Humor

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - September 13, 2002

Bob August is a journalist and long time sports columnist. He also penned the well-favored newspaper column, The Wiser Side of 60. In this column, August regaled his readers with his wit and his insights on everyday life. August's writing is amiable and humorous, and it reads like an intimate chat between friends over a cup of coffee.

August's new book, that bares the same title as his famed column, The Wiser Side of 60. Containing a capacious selection of his columns, this is a book that you will find as edifying as you will find it funny. August is a member of the esteemed 'Greatest Generation' a name that Tom Brokaw has made famous as a moniker for those stalwart men and women who lived through the Great Depression and World War II. Through his long life, and through adversity and joy, August has acquired a vast collection of wisdom based upon his years of experience - and his zest for life.

In short, bite-sized and easily readable essays, August's tackles everything from becoming terminally amiable to describing how the trick to retirement is "learning to do nothing well." August also imparts such prophetic warning such as never marry a snorer. Best yet, for men at least, he explains all those little secrets he has learned about women over the years. However, from a woman's standpoint, I think that he gives away too many of our 'secrets'. After all, we have a specific reason for reminding the men in our lives to wear a coat when's it cold, or checking to see if they have their wallet or keys. The reason is simple, the one time we don't check - they'll forget - take my word for it and don't complain!

The Wiser Side of 60 is aptly subtitled, An Interesting, Humorous and Insightful Look at Growing Older and Becoming Wiser. This book will delight readers of all ages. Older readers will find that they are nodding their head a lot as they read the pages of this book, and I'll wager that most will mutter, "Yeah, tell'em August." Or the proverbial, "Been there, done that." And younger readers will find in these pages advice and insights that will ease their growing pains as they 'grow older'. Lively, witty, and entertaining, The Wiser Side of 60 will tickle your funny bone. It is a perfect book for reading aloud to, well, everyone - whether they want to listen or not. After all, they're bound to come away from the reading with some pearl of wisdom that will stand them in good stead for years to come!

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