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Women's Murder Club Box Set, Volume 2
By James Patterson
Read by Carolyn McCormick

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Women's Murder Club Box Set, Volume 2

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Women's Murder Club
Box Set, Volume 2
By James Patterson
Read by Carolyn McCormick
Hachette Audio, (2009)
An Unabridged Recording on 21 CDs
ISBN: 978-1-60024-681-4
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Angela Evans - March 13, 2009

Volume 2 of the Women's Murder Club box set contains three spell binding stories by James Patterson. The three novels in this audio collection are The 4th of July, The 5th Horseman, and The 6th Target. These are books 4-6 in Patterson's Women's Murder Club series. Volume 1 of the Women's Murder Club box set series contains audio editions of the first three Women's Murder Club books.

The members of the Women's Murder Club are Police Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer, San Francisco Chronicle Reporter Cindy Thomas, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano (who replaced Jill Bernhardt as a member of the team), and San Francisco Medical Examiner, Claire Washburn. Brought together by crime, these highly intelligent women have a knack to catching the bad guys, while at the same time dealing efficiently with all of life's normal quirks and foibles. The books in this collection are all read by Carolyn McCormick. Her reading gives the stories life, and her voice is delightful to listen to. McCormick has had a long career as an actress, and she has appeared in such films as A Simple Twist of Fate and Enemy Mine. She has also appeared on TV as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet in Law & Order, as well as appearing on The Practice and Star Trek. In addition, she has appeared on Broadway in productions of The Diner Party and Private Lives. She brings her considerable talent to her reading of these novels, improving on an already outstanding series of books. In short, this box set of books is essential listening for all fans of the Women's Murder Club series.

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