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How Right You Are, Jeeves
By P. G. Wodehouse
Read by Ian Carmichael

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How Right You Are, Jeeves

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How Right You Are, Jeeves
By P. G. Wodehouse
Read by Ian Carmichael
The Audio Partners Publishing Corp., (2001)
A Complete and Unabridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-57270-237-0
Genre: Humor, Fiction

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - February 19, 2002

Come along with Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse as he once again takes us on a whimsical journey throughout the comical upper-crust world inhabited by Bertram (Bertie) Wooster and a bevy of unique characters such as Roberta (Bobby) Whickham who has "...the outlook on life of a ticking bomb." In How Right You Are, Jeeves, Reginald Jeeves, Bertie's indomitable valet, is off on a much needed holiday. Not being quite capable of taking care of himself, Bertie trudges off to the country to stay with his Aunt Dahlia, otherwise known as Mrs. Thomas Portarlington Travers of Brinkley Court, Market Snodsbury, near Droitwich.

Bertie finds that rather than a quiet country sojourn, Aunt Dahlia's house has a full compliment of visitors. These visitors included the vivacious Bobby who Bertie once proposed to, but who had the foresight to say no. Other guests include Aubrey Upjohn and his stepdaughter Phyllis Mills, Mrs. Adela Cream, the mystery writer and the wife of the American Tycoon Homer Cream and their son Wilbert (Willie) Cream. In true Wodehouse fashion, Bertie, who is accompanied to his Aunt's house by his friend Kipper, quickly finds himself up to his neck in misadventures, in part because the The Times reports that he and Bobby are getting married!

To complicate matters, Uncle Tom's antique silver cow-creamer disappears and Bertie's former headmaster is fingered as the culprit by none other than Reginald (Kipper) Herring, Bertie's lifelong friend. But does Kipper have an ulterior motive? After all, their former headmaster, the same Aubrey Upjohn who is staying at Aunt Dahlia's use to cane the boys when they were under his charge. Even worse, Willie Cream has designs on Phyllis and Anatole, Dahlia's French Chef is up on arms and fighting for control of the household. The plot is further complicated by the fact that Sir Roderick Glossop, a psychiatrist, is posing as the butler - a job he is not quite up too. Glossop is also the erstwhile gentleman whom Bertie once tried to play a prank on by poking a hole in his hot water bottle while he, Glossop, was sleeping. But, in keeping with Bertie's track record, the prank went awry when he poked a hole in the wrong person's hot water bottle. As this hilarious soup thickens, Bertie is forced to call Jeeves back from his holiday to sort out the mess. Being the only character in this story with any real sense, Jeeves soon puts things to right.

Wodehouse was an English humorist who was born in 1881. He passed away in 1975. He was a prolific writer, but he is best known for the series witty novels that he wrote featuring the zany Bertie and his shrewd gentleman's gentleman, Jeeves. How Right You Are, Jeeves was originally published in 1960 under the title Jeeves in the Offing This unabridged audio edition of How Right You Are, Jeeves is read by Ian Carmichael, who played Bertie in the film The World of Wooster. He reads with a breakneck cadence that matches the quick tempo of the story. This is a delightful story that is a pleasure to listen too - if you don't mind an occasional attack of the giggles!

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